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Man released early from prison accused of cutting neighbor’s heart out, serving it to relatives

CHICKASHA, Okla. — An Oklahoma man who was released early from prison in January as part of a mass commutation effort is now accused of killing three people in a gruesome case.

Authorities say Lawrence Paul Anderson this month killed a neighbor in Chickasha, cut out her heart and then cooked the heart to serve to his relatives. The Oklahoman reports he cooked the heart with potatoes and allegedly fed it to his family to “release the demons.”

Anderson had been serving a 20-year prison sentence for probation violations on a drug case. He was released after serving a little more than three years.

Anderson sobbed in court on Tuesday, saying he didn’t want bail.

The Oklahoman reports a vial of PCP was found on Anderson when he was arrested. It’s not clear yet if he was on drugs when the killings occurred.

His lawyer indicated that he will seek a mental evaluation to determine whether Anderson is competent to stand trial.

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