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Driver, 15, Arrested in Stolen Vehicle. 19-Year-Old Passenger was Armed, Police Say

PATERSON, NJ – A 15-year-old Paterson boy was arrested early Friday after was caught driving a stolen vehicle in the area of East 22nd Street. His passenger, Cornell Day Jr., 19, Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said, was armed with a loaded weapon that was stolen out of New York.

Later that day Paterson Detectives Mustafa Dombayci, Yamil Pimienta, and Mohamad Bashir, assigned to the city’s Special Investigations Division, approached three males and found one of them, identified as Da’Zhier Huggins, to be in possession of a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

Both weapons will be submitted to the New Jersey State Police Ballistics Laboratory for further examination.

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