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Paterson mayor: Give us the vaccine and we’ll inoculate everyone | Opinion

Iconic British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made a plea to the Americans before they entered World War II: “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.” As a new American president enters the White House, in Paterson we would like to paraphrase that famous quote by stating, “Give us the vaccine and we will finish the job.”

We started our vaccination operation on Dec. 28, and since that time we have inoculated nearly 4,000 people. That total includes not only Patersonians but residents from around the state, from multiple counties and people who have traveled as far as Ocean City. Paterson is meeting the moment.

President Joe Biden officially assumed office this Wednesday and that should provide us with increased optimism. Besides restoring integrity, stability, and credibility to the White House, he will also make ending this pandemic a priority. President Biden will rely on science and data in his decision-making. He will defer to the experts and act according to their guidance.
We have been a case study for contact tracing and now Paterson is poised to play a big part in achieving the president’s inoculation objective. COVID-19 is claiming nearly 4,000 American lives every day. Therefore, President Biden’s aggressive plan must be executed with urgency and efficiency.
At our point of dispensing last week, we inoculated a 98-year-old man who said, “I just want to live.” He was right. This is a matter of life and death and we can’t afford to lose any more lives.
President Biden’s serious approach to the virus should serve as a dose of hope but what is really needed are more doses of the vaccine. Therefore, in Churchillian fashion we say, if you give us the vaccine, we will finish the job.

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