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N.J. COVID vaccine: More than 220K people signed up on first day to register for vaccine

Update: More than 450K people have signed up for vaccination despite website issues

More than 220,000 people signed up on the state’s new coronavirus registration portal by late Tuesday afternoon, according to the Department of Health.

The high volume of people who tried to register on the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System (NJVSS), caused slowdowns, and some users experienced technical issues.

Due to the high volume, the state asked that only health care workers use the pre-registration tool, although the portal remains open to anyone who wants to get on the waiting list for the vaccines.

“If you are a health care worker in category 1a who has yet to be vaccinated, the Department of Health encourages you to go online and pre-register,” Department of Health spokeswoman Donna Leusner said Tuesday. “Because the vaccine is limited, the Department encourages only health care workers to pre-register at this time.”

She said while hospital employees can use their own facilities registration systems, NJVSS will be helpful for the two-thirds of health care workers who work in other locations, such as urgent care centers, physician offices, dentist offices and surgery centers.
Users reported several different problems Tuesday, including error messages, changes to information they inputted about medical conditions and birth dates that were not accepted by the system.
“We understand a small number of people have had trouble entering a birth date and we are working to address that issue,” she said.
Leusner said the department’s technical team is looking at the other problems.

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