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N.J. reports another 5,184 COVID-19 cases, 21 more deaths. Rate of transmission drops to 1.

On Sunday, state officials in New Jersey reported 5,184 new cases of the coronavirus and 21 additional confirmed deaths, while hospitalizations rose slightly and the rate of transmission declined.

This is the second day in the last week that the number of total new positives has exceeded 5,000.

New Jersey’s statewide rate of transmission dropped for a seventh straight day to exactly 1.00, down from 1.01 on Saturday. A rate of transmission in excess of 1 indicates that each person who gets COVID-19 is spreading the disease to more than one person, making a sub-1 rate of transmission key to getting the pandemic reined in.

It’s the lowest the rate of transmission has been since reaching 0.99 on Sept. 3.

After three straight days of declines, the number of hospitalizations ticked up. There were 3,574 people hospitalized as of Saturday night, up four from the previous day. The number of patients in intensive care is up slightly as well to 707, with 474 of them on ventilators.
The seven-day average for new positive tests is 4,634, down 4% from a week ago, but still up 19% over last month. The seven-day average has not dropped below 4,000 since Nov. 23.
The number of confirmed December deaths is now at 1,092, the most in any month since June.
In an interview with Jonathan Capehart of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” Gov. Phil Murphy said the state is “right smack in the middle of a very tough second wave,” but he sees the implementation of a vaccine as “the light at the end of the tunnel.”
“I’ll definitely get it, no question,” Murphy said of the vaccine, adding that he has declined to get it up to this point in order to avoid taking supplies away from frontline workers and others who are most in need.
The Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency rollout of the vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. and the National Institutes of Health last week. On Monday, people are expected to begin receiving the vaccine, the second for COVID-19 authorized in the U.S.

COUNTY-BY-COUNTY NUMBERS (sorted by most new cases):

· Middlesex County: 40,232 positive tests (582 new), 1,381 confirmed deaths (212 probable)
· Ocean County: 28,637 positive tests (463 new), 1,183 confirmed deaths (71 probable)
· Essex County: 43,793 positive tests (412 new), 2,092 confirmed deaths (239 probable)
· Monmouth County: 27,954 positive tests (395 new), 868 confirmed deaths (96 probable)
· Hudson County: 39,769 positive tests (380 new), 1,499 confirmed deaths (161 probable)
· Camden County: 25,781 positive tests (378 new), 699 confirmed deaths (58 probable)
· Bergen County: 43,119 positive tests (362 new), 1,990 confirmed deaths (256 probable)
· Burlington County: 18,466 positive tests (285 new), 545 confirmed deaths (45 probable)
· Union County: 34,251 positive tests (272 new), 1,331 confirmed deaths (173 probable)
· Passaic County: 37,488 positive tests (262 new), 1,246 confirmed deaths (146 probable)

· Morris County: 18,119 positive tests (237 new), 759 confirmed deaths (170 probable)

· Mercer County: 17,349 positive tests (211 new), 663 confirmed deaths (37 probable)
· Atlantic County: 10,657 positive tests (191 new), 318 confirmed deaths (15 probable)
· Gloucester County: 12,516 positive tests (188 new), 339 confirmed deaths (8 probable)
· Cumberland County: 6,868 positive tests (135 new), 193 confirmed deaths (9 probable)
· Somerset County: 11,494 positive tests (110 new), 559 confirmed deaths (84 probable)
· Sussex County: 3,747 positive tests (77 new), 164 confirmed deaths (42 probable)
· Hunterdon County: 3,338 positive tests (67 new), 80 confirmed deaths (54 probable)
· Warren County: 3,413 positive tests (47 new), 165 confirmed deaths (13 probable)
· Cape May County: 2,134 positive tests (30 new), 113 confirmed deaths (14 probable)
· Salem County: 2,387 positive tests (23 new), 99 confirmed deaths (5 probable)
Hospitalizations ticked up to 3,574 as of Saturday night, rising four from the previous day. Intensive care patients increased slightly to 707, with 474 of them on ventilators.

As of Sunday morning, there were just under 76.6 million positive COVID-19 tests worldwide, according to a running tally by Johns Hopkins University. Coronavirus-related complications have played a role in the deaths of more than 1.69 million people worldwide.

The U.S. has reported the most cases (more than 17.7 million), as well as the most deaths (nearly 317,000).

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