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New Jersey coronavirus update: Paterson police shut down 2 after-hours clubs

PATERSON, New Jersey – Police in New Jersey’s largest city shut down two illegal clubs.

Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said one of the clubs was run by 42-year-old Eudis Aguilar Oliva insideAkimekedo Restaurant on Main Street in Paterson.

Speziale said the restaurant would follow the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus and close normal operations at 10 p.m.

But the restaurant would then turn into an after-hours club selling alcohol without a license and with a DJ playing loud music, Speziale said.

“This illegal activity leads to all types of crime, disorder and the spread of disease and will not be tolerated,” Speziale said. “We are circling the wagons and will be out with a task force in mass and the charges for those with secret flyers and illegal after hour locations will be held accountable.”

Police seized dozens of bottles of alcohol.

Oliva, 37-year-old Jose Santos, and 22-year-old Yinaiqui Nunez were issued summonses.

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