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Paterson PD: Boy, 15, Caught Carrying Pair Of High-Powered Handguns, Magazines, More

A 15-year-old Paterson boy was caught carrying two handguns with large-capacity magazines, authorities said.

The teen at first tried to avoid Officer Jensin Burgos when he pulled up to the corner of 12thAvenue and East 24thStreet, Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said.

When Burgos got out, the boy bolted through an alleyway, discarding a black bag he was carrying, Speziale said.

A gun fell out, he said.

Burgos nabbed the teen and recovered the bag, which had another weapon inside, the director said.

Both are 9mm semi-automatic Taurus handguns fitted with fully-loaded high-capacity magazines, Speziale said.

One had been reported stolen, while the other had a defaced serial number, he said.

The bag also held another 50 rounds of ball and hollow-point ammunition.

Juvenile complaints charging the boy with weapons and stolen property possession counts were filed against the boy, Speziale said.

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