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The County of Passaic and the Hudson County Division of Family Services is urging residents to beware of any solicitation made by any other agency/company/consulting group besides the Passaic County Division of Family Services, including, but not limited to FSP Consulting. The Hudson County Division of Family Service received a complaint from a Hudson County resident and SNAP recipient against FSP Consulting, alleging that the resident was solicited by said company, and was asked to provide confidential information, including bank account numbers, social security numbers, and other identifiers. A similar incident took place in Passaic County.

REMINDER TO RESIDENTS that the Passaic County Board of Social Services is the only agency a resident is to contact regarding SNAP benefits. If residents receive a phone call or correspondence from anyone other than the Division of Family Services, residents are not to give out any information.

All Passaic County Board of Social Services emails end with Residents are not to reply to any email address that does not end in The website for applying for SNAP benefits is  Residents are not to use any other website to apply for SNAP. The website for Family Care medical insurance is

Residents are asked to stay vigilant to such fraudulent calls or emails, and can alert the Passaic County Board of Social Services should they experience fraud.

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