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(Passaic County, New Jersey) – The Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders hosted a ribbon cutting for the Passaic County Animal Response Team (CART) Trailer on September 17, 2020.

Passaic County was among eight counties to receive the American Kennel Club Pet Disaster Trailer, which was funded by The Kennel Club of Philadelphia, among other sponsoring entities.

“Pets are an integral part of our community. It was important to us that we secured a facility that could shelter and provide emergency services to our pet community in the event of a natural disaster,” stated Passaic County Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara.

The state-of-the-art trailer is a mobile shelter that is fully stocked with emergency supplies and equipment to provide relief to pets of affected residents during a natural disaster or other emergency. It includes items such as various sized crates, microchips, cleaning materials, a generator, litter boxes, and other pet care supplies.
“We saw how people across the nation were not able to evacuate their pets during Hurricane Sandy, and some even stayed behind themselves as they did not want to abandon their pets because it was like leaving behind a part of their family. We’re thankful to the AKC, Jeffrey Ball, President of the NJ Federation of Dog Clubs, Dr. Robert Gordon, a member of our Passaic County Animal Response Team, and everyone else involved. Our OEM department is now better prepared to provide relief and keep our pet community safe.”

The CART trailer will be managed by the county’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and will be operated by trained volunteers on the Passaic County Animal Response Team.

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