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Latest coronavirus updates in New Jersey: Friday, September 11, 2020

NEW JERSEY — Below you will find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus news impacting New Jersey. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page.

1 p.m.
Gov. Phil Murphy held a coronavirus briefing. Watch in video below.

2020 Census

  • 67.9% self-response rate

COVID-19 numbers in NJ

  • New cases: 518 (Total: 195,888)
  • Rate of transmission: 1.08
  • Daily positivity: 2.6%
  • Hospitalization: 240 confirmed COVID-19 positive
  • New deaths: 9 (14,234 death toll)

COVID-19 cases in NJ

  • Population from ages 19-24 has the highest percentage of positivity in the state (6%)
  • Ages 14-18 follows with percent positivity at 4%
    • In-school transmission currently not reported.
  • Percent positivity in other age groups decreases or stays flat.
  • Health officials say increases noted in summer months (parties, social events, college parties)
  • Judith Perischilli: Continue to wash hands, stay home if you’re sick, don’t share food.


  • Contact tracers — are they keeping track on why people aren’t answering and is a strategy being planned?
    • Contact tracers are keeping tags, but it seems like parents and friends don’t want to rat out others.
    • Persichilli: We are adding more individuals at county level to offer more social support.
  • Positive tests in schools? Will you make it public?
    • As of this moment, based on what we know, we’re not aware of any in-school transmission of COVID. It could change.
    • “The system is working, and that’s a good thing.”
  • Borough of Franklin wants voters to vote online. Do you support that?
    • There’s no prohibition in our model against showing up on election day.
  • False positives
    • Person may have been positive before and the test they received was “sensitive”
    • No test is 100% perfect — if they can be proved false, we’ll move forward. If we’re unsure, we’ll be safe and assume the test was accurate.
  • MVC lines
    • You do not need a pin to renew a license online.
    • Special hours for seniors/people with medical conditions: We’ll be rolling out a plan — looking into special times or courtesy appointments.
  • Why not implement statewide regulations to handle school COVID cases?
    • They have broken the state down into regions. It’s not just what’s happening in your classroom or school. It’s what’s happening in your region and community as well.
Happening today:

Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation aimed at easing long NJ Motor Vehicle Commission lines.

Recent numbers
As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 195,888 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Jersey with 14,234 coronavirus fatalities.

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