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Drug sweep near Paterson library yields 12 arrests

A dozen people were arrested in an early Wednesday morning drug sweep in the area around the Danforth Memorial Library on Broadway, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Police charged Rene Vasquez, 51, of Paterson; Jenna Campbell, 27, of Paterson; Ethan Dahl, 30, of Wanaque; Triskelion Riche, 41, of Passaic City; Michael Marino, 26, of Whippany; Karen Barber, 63, of Prospect Park; James Barber, 27, of Prospect Park; Joseph Bernazer, 29, of Paterson; Nahson Spence, 22, of Paterson; and Merciful Parks, 26, of Paterson; Steven Thomas, 28, of Paterson; and Jennifer Callirgos, 32, of Paterson, with various drug offenses.

Police conducted two operations around the library, targeting buyers and dealers.

In the first operation, police seized 135 glassine envelopes of heroin, 10 vials and 1 baggie of crack cocaine. Spence, an alleged dealer, was charged with 20 drug offenses. Others were charged with drug possession.

Police seized $426 from Parks, $871 from Spence, and $80 from Marino.

In the second operation, police seized 13 baggies of crack cocaine. They arrested Thomas and Callirgos. Both were charged with four drug offenses each.

Police recovered $676 in suspected drug proceeds from Callirgos.

“This successful operation demonstrates that our main library will not be a destination for drug dealing and drug users. We are determined to make that area safer for our children,” mayor Andre Sayegh said.

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