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(Passaic County, New Jersey) – The NJDOT (New Jersey Department of Transportation) has awarded the County of Passaic $7,529,999.00 in State FY21 County Aid from the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) to help with infrastructure improvements on the local level. Funding from the TTF will be used to create improvement projects in 2021 that will maintain roads, bridges and other transportation related work under county jurisdiction.

“Thank you to Governor Phil Murphy and his administration for their commitment in making sure the infrastructure in our state is upgraded and well maintained,” stated Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara. “This funding allows us to fulfill the aggressive improvement schedule for projects we planned for the 2021 calendar year, without shouldering it all on our county taxpayers.”

Passaic County was among the twenty-one counties in New Jersey that received FY 2021 County Aid which totaled $161.25M of cumulative state award for transportation maintenance and improvements. The $7.5M amount the county received was allotted based on population count and road mileage.

“The TTF award is a perfect example of why it is crucial for Passaic County to have a complete and accurate count on the 2020 Census,” stated Freeholder John Bartlett. “Awards like the transportation fund are allotted based on population count and being under-counted means less funding for important projects like infrastructure improvement plans which everyone living in Passaic County depends on. If you use our roads or cross our bridges, it’s important for you to return your 2020 Census form.”

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