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Police: Stubbornest Little Whorehouse In Paterson Raided Again

It wasn’t long after Paterson police raided a brothel above a city storefront that men were once again coming and going all hours of the day and night, authorities said.

No sooner had they released manager Felipe Valdez, 44, on drug and prostitution charges than he was back in business, they said.

ABC/Vice Unit members earlier this month raided the second-floor Main Street apartment, above a ground-floor business that offers travel, tax and mortgage services, after receiving complaints from merchants and residents.

They arrested Valez, as well as two accused hookers – one 35 from the Bronx, the other 50 from Providence, R.I.

Tthey also found a bag of coke and jar of pot, Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said at the time.

They were back again Friday, only 10 days later.

Police learned that men came to the apartment “all hours of the day and night, where prostitutes conducted sexual acts in exchange for money,” Speziale said Saturday.

So members of the ABC/Vice and the Narcotics units hit the place again.

Valez was one of four people taken into custody – only this time, detectives seized $5,379 (last time it was $900), Speziale said.

One of the accused prostitutes, Jeimy Lopez-Michicoj, 35, of Plainfield, was carrying $2,804 of the confiscated cash, the director said.

The other, Yureny Casanova, 33, of Paterson had $2,197 seized, he said.

Also arrested was Miguel Juarez, 43, of Paterson, who Speziale said was operating the business with Valez.

Both men were carrying barely $375 between them, which was also seized, he said.

They were charged with promoting prostitution and maintaining a nuisance.

All were booked and released pending further court action.

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