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Authorities: Paterson PD Clips Latin King Who Offered More Than Shave, Haircut At Barbershop

Drug detectives raided the Paterson barbershop and Little Falls home of a high-ranking Latin King, seizing more than 10 pounds of pot, a stolen handgun and nearly $21,500 in drug cash, authorities said.

Investigators had been watching the “Smooth Kreationz” barbershop owned by ex-con Jecksan “King Smooth” Cancel, 41, after receiving a tip that he’d been selling pot from the Ellison Street business, Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said Friday.

Working with Little Falls police, they raided four locations – including Cancel’s second-floor Lower Notch Road apartment — seizing the marijuana, 28 THC vapor cartridges, a high-capacity ammunition magazine and the .40-caliber Springfield handgun with 11 unspent rounds, Speziale said.

Police hit Cancel with a variety of drug and weapons charges, including being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

Arrested along with him were Daisy Figueroa, 47, of Clifton, who was charged with weapons and ammo offenses, and Angel Sanchez, 26, of Paterson, on drug charges.

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